7 Tips to Excellent Article Writing Marketing

Article Marketing is one of the most cost effective way for you to market your website, blog or products online. What do you need? A laptop with internet connection, some basic English language foundation, and knowledge or experience in your product niche. Here are the 7 tips:

1) Be conversational in your language. You are not writing a thesis or a school project, so quit trying to be formal and cold. Write the way you are teaching or advising a friend.

2) Write on one particular topic only for one article. An article is usually too short for multiple points, so get straight to the point, and don’t add too much preamble to it.

3) Understand the purpose of article marketing. All that writing is to divert consumers to your website or product, and then persuade them to buy your product or your affiliates’.

4) Always vet your article first before sending. The article tells a lot about the author, so your reputation is at stake. Grammar or logical errors will turn readers off, let alone diverting them to your website.

5) Your article is meant to be read on the computer from the internet, so make it reader friendly to them. Let your average word count be about 400, at max 600 words.

6) Let your article add value to your readers’ life. Don’t waste their time with an article that has no message, or does not really help them to improve whatever they are doing right now.

7) Finally, just do it. A lot of article marketing writers just sit and wait for that perfect topic, and a good time and place to pen down all those award winning article ideas. My advice? Just do it.

Blog Writing – Blog Writing Options

Blog Writing is a good skill and it needs time to be developed in any individual. All of the bloggers know the fact that blogging requires a lot of expertise to bear some fruits. Although it is not so much difficult and problematic to just create a blog but to create it accurately in a manner that could give it recognition is really a big task.

Blog Writing has made the people understand each others and to bring their experiences to the public to check the correctness of the results that one has assumed out of them. Blog Writing is really the product of globalization. People are coming closer to each other on the global level and they are having their span of contacts reach the all parts of world. This all discussion makes us conclude that Blog Writing is a very huge and magnificent work that has great and diversified audiences. This is why there are several options to the Blog Writing. These options will be discussed as under briefly.

First of all before writing a blog, it is mandatory for the writer to know several things and keep them alive in the mind while writing. A sufficient knowledge of the topic is requisite and this requires reading, listening and discussing. Once this practice is complete then he should look at the options that are available for the writing. Those can be implied or expressed or by default as well.

The basic option is of the space available or advised to the writer. This will be a specific one and can be large or small as well. There is mostly the specification of words that this is the minimum and maximum number of words that is available for the writer to consume. After this the type of the Blog will it self provide the option for the language skills to be applied. If the type of the blog is literary in nature then the language used should also be literary other wise it should be as simple as possible because those will be common people of the world who will be reading the contents.

There are many other types of writing options for the Blog Writer to opt. He has to chose the writing skills to be applied, he also has to take into consideration the nature and scope of the topic, the owners demands and many other things.

It is only after all of these considerations that one becomes able to do the Blog Writing accurately.

How to Become a Freelance Writer – Best Way to Get Started

If you have a talent for writing, or just simply enjoy it, you may be wondering how to become a freelance writer.

There are many advantages to becoming a freelance writer, some of these include

-You don’t have to have a standard 9 till 5 job

-You will be doing something you enjoy.

-You can choose which topics and people you write for.

-Flexible working hours.

These are just a few reasons to take up freelance writing as your main focus. For those who have not looked into becoming a freelance writer, it may be confusing as to where to begin, so here are some options available to you.

-Go to websites such as freelancer.com and bid on jobs which businesses and individuals have posted.

To learn how to become a freelance writer, I personally recommend registering with a company such as freelance home writers, as there are many benefits over trying to do everything yourself.

They provide training from beginners to seasoned writers, as to the best techniques and writing styles etc. They find the best, highest paid writing opportunities, which are very hard to find by yourself.

-They show you how to utilize a wide variety of online systems and jobs to find the way which best suits you. These include

-Blog posting – Many people and businesses will pay good money for people to write good quality posts on their blogs.

-Article writing – People and businesses will pay good money for people to write articles on any topic you can think of.

-Fiction and non-fiction stories – It is possible to write stories online and earn good money straight away.

So if you do enjoy writing, joining up with a company such as this is definitely a good way to go. They do most of the hard work for you, letting you concentrate on the thing you are good at, which is writing.

Doing it all yourself can be very time consuming, and a lot of your time is wasted doing administration type activities.

Most of these companies will give you a free trial of their members area, or a very low cost trial. (around three dollars or so) If you decide that their system is not going to work for you, you can cancel within the trial period, and move on to something else.

From personal experience, a well put together training system, combined with jobs and offers all together in one website is a huge advantage over researching everything yourself, and learning the ins and outs by trial and error. Sometimes it is much better to pay a small amount to access a good system, to get you up and running right away.

Another great feature of these companies is that they can show you how to set up your own systems, which allows you to leverage your writing, so that you don’t just get paid per article, blog or story, you get recurring income, which flows in long after you have written your work.

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