Blogger VS WordPress – Best Blogging Platform

Which is the best blogging platform? It’s a common question to newbie bloggers when they ready to start their own blog. You may find many free or premium blogging platforms. But all of them are boss? Obviously No! If you have a little knowledge about blogging platform, then without doubt I can say that you heard the name of most popular 2 blogging platform Blogger and WordPress.

Blogger and WordPress are the most and best blogging platforms at this moment. But which is the best blogging platform boss between Blogger and WordPress? Most experts will recommend WordPress without any doubt. But from my thoughts, Blogger and WordPress both platforms are excellent from different views. Forget all other blogging platforms and throw to the winds. Because Blogger and WordPress always better than others. So why won’t choose Blogger or WordPress? This time for Blogger & WordPress. Today I will share a little comparison between Blogger VS WordPress of pros and cons.

Blogger – Best Free Blogging Platform

Blogger, a free and one of the most popular blogging platform. Google is the owner of Blogger. So, do you have any mistrust about the quality of Blogger? I think no, no and no! Google is the best and best company which deserves trust.

Pyra Labs was started Blogger on On 23 August, 1999 and in February 2003, Google acquired Pyra Labs. After acquiring Blogger by Google, It became a free platform. Google re-design and develop Blogger. It became popular gradually.

Blogger is a simple and little platform for blogging, But really awesome! I recommend Blogger to newbies who want to start a blog without any cost. You can create your own blog with a sub domain ( for free. So again, I am mentioning that Blogger only for newbies. Mind it that Blogger no for professional.

Blogger Pros

  • Full Free and Forever Without Any Ads!
  • Instant Access
  • Create A Blog Within 2 Minutes
  • No Registration! Login With Your Google Account.
  • Create Static Pages
  • Extreme Security
  • Monetize With Adsense
  • Thousand Custom Templates Available Online
  • Custom Scripts or Codes Allowed on Template
  • Unlimited Posts
  • 100 Blogs/Per Google Account
  • Google Search Friendly

Blogger Cons

  • Custom Links But Not Allowed To Edit Link Structure
  • Doesn’t Support FTP
  • No Plugins
  • Doesn’t Support PHP or Higher Languages
  • No upgrade option
  • Not enough options for SEO
  • Limited Ownership

WordPress – Best And The Most Popular CMS of The Online World

  • Actually WordPress is not only a blogging platform. It’s the largest and most used content management systems of present time. WordPress has two different flavors (WordPress. Org and WordPress. Com). is a free blogging platform which is similar to Blogger. On the other hand, is a full free cms script. You have to host the script at your own cost. At this time we will talk about Because almost 80% of us know as WordPress.
  • WordPress – Best And The Most Popular CMS of The Online World
  • WordPress is a free and open source cms (content management system) which used by almost 74.6 million websites. Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg are the founder of WordPress. They released the WordPress on May 27, 2003.

WordPress Pros (

  • You, the owner of your website
  • Custom link structure
  • Full free script
  • Monetize your site on your own way
  • FTP access
  • Thousands of available plugins
  • Premium and free themes
  • Full control to customize as your wish
  • PHP supported
  • Huge opportunities on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Installation of WordPress very easy
  • Many more amazing features

WordPress Cons (

  • You have to buy domain and web hosting to setup WordPress
  • Need high knowledge about server
  • Have to know some languages like as html, css, javascript, php
  • Very difficult to newbies user
  • Spamming!
  • Security risks

Blogger VS WordPress – Which Is The Best Blogging Platform?

I have shared above a little comparison of Blogger and WordPress. So I hope you have caught all of the info. Now our question that which is the best blogging platform? Obviously, WordPress is the best blogging platform. I already mentioned and again, I’m mentioning that WordPress is a large platform and usually its use professionals. But if you are a newbie blogger and wants to start blogging. WordPress will not friendly to you. Because start a blog with WordPress is many matters of fact. At least we can decide at this point that WordPress is the best blogging platform for professional and Blogger is the best blogging platform for newbies. Now this time to choose the right platform for blogging!

Blog Content Needs to Have a Purpose

Blogging to build a business needs to be strategically planned with a purpose to add value to both your reader and to benefit you as well. I know that I need to do that. Since one of my purposes is to help others learn to use their blog to profit online, I am focusing on sharing resources to help you do that.

In the previous blogpost, I told you about a nineteen week class that I am working my way through. I have decided to share and apply what I am learning with you. I am just in the first week, and I can already tell you that this is really going to help me, and hopefully you too.

Plan your work and work your plan

I have to admit that I am guilty of writing blogs without a strategic plan in place. In the first lesson of the class, it  emphasizes that there are two things you have to keep in mind as you write your blog. You have to know the purpose of your blog. Examples can be to establish your expertise, or attract the search engines. There are plenty more, but my intent is not to simply reproduce all the work that is already done in the class, because you can easily just have free access to by clicking on FREE Better Content Marketing Results Course

Well, by now you probably have realized that I love learning about new tools, and I wrote about adding audio using Cinch, so I invite you to listen to a cinch recording I did about another thing that is included in the first week of this class that is going to go a long way to help me with content writing. To hear all about it, just click on the arrow below to hear the short recording.

If you decide to join the fun and take the free class, I would love to hear what you think and share how you are using it to  create meaningful  content for your blog.

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