Choose Only Affiliate Products With Great Customer Service

WordPress makes blogging a pretty low stress occupation. However, when things go wrong, I would be lying to tell you that your stress level never goes up. I have worked pretty hard to add all the content here on my blog. I talk a lot about WordPress and how I love it. Well, one of the things you need to know is that WP is open source, and updates are released pretty frequently.

When that happens, you will see a yellow bar across the top of your dashboard. See a screenshot below.

 Yesterday I did the automatic upgrade. When you do that, you get a warning to make sure you have backed up all your files, otherwise you may be in danger of losing your files. I don’t worry much about that because I use a plugin that sends a daily backup to my email daily. Besides that, I have never had trouble with an upgrade before.

Well, I was in a hurry and just clicked update automatically. As soon as it was finished I clicked to go back to working on my website, and I got a page with just code talking about a plugin. It would not let me access my admin page at all!

I had heard of other having problems after an upgrade, but it had never happened to me before. I knew that I had a plugin to backup my website, so there was no need to freak out, it would all be okay. The problem was that I had no idea how to get the backup and make it all work again. I had to take my daughter somewhere, so I just walked away for a few minutes to take her where she needed to go.

Affiliates Need to Recommend Companies with Good Customer Service

That gave me a break and I was able to breathe and think about what the next step needed to be. The great news is that it was amazingly simple. I simply called Bluehost, my hosting company, and told them the problem. They said it was no problem, and just fixed it for me. 

I call that great customer service. It seems sort of sad that in todays world it is noteworthy to write a post about having a company care about its customers, but in so many cases that simply is not the case. As an affiliate marketer, Bluehost pays me a commission when I recommend them. In my book, no matter what the compensation, it is so important that I know that the companies I recommend will live up to my expectation of providing good customer service. How about you, what do you think? Have you run across companies that deserve a pat on the back? If so, tell the rest or us about them and your experience.

Top Earning Blogs In The World

 I am writing this article related to blogging scope in terms of money.There are lots of new blog coming in every day and more than 90% newbie started blog just for earning quick money.I will explain the facts behind the money blogging and How much a blogger can earn from a blog here.

Earning Money from a Blog is difficult but not IMPOSSIBLE.They are lots of blogger earning 4-6 figure money per months.I am writing this blog post for letting you know that how much can anyone earn from a blog.These bloggers are the flag bearer, mentor and source of inspiration for million of bloggers in the blogging world. And common thing between them  is clear, these top nitch blogs are the because  of hard work, consistency, creativity and patience.

I am writing the list of TOP EARNING BLOGS whom i really like in blogging field and following them since last 6 months,might be there are other blogger who earn much.Those are the most earning blogs in the world in blogging field and can help you to successful in blogging journey.

Earnings / month =$500k+

This blog covers mainly Social media news,gadget, is

Earnings / month = US$ 25,000

TechCrunch is a popular technology blog shring tech news, start-ups and reviewing new internet products.It is the one of the famous brand in internet for tech news.

3.Timothy Sykes

He is an American guy trader guy and an investor.He is earning $1,10,00 per month from his Website .I like this guy because he is Stock trader,Entrepreneur and an educator who teach on financial,penny stock.

4.Darren Rowse

Yeah He is Pro blogger and can teach you every thing about blogging.He is the one of my likeable Blogger.Earning- $40k per month from his blog called

5.John Chow

He is the other blogger whom i like most.He just earning $40,000K per month from his blog ,by teaching how to earn money from Blog.He is affiliated marketer,blogger.I learned a lot from Jhon chaw.His blog is one of the top most blog in affiliated marketing.


A serial entrepreneur, blogger and a native investor.Founder of WWW.QUICKSPROUT.COM ,Earning millions per months from his blog.He is doing mainly SEO related work and can teach you to make your website fine for Search Engine.


 Top Earning Blogs In The Worldan entrepreneur from Australia.  Yaro also earning six figure income from his blog.

New Make Money Blogging Theme

Well guys just a short post for now, but I wanted to get your opinions on the new theme? I think it was about time for something a little tighter and darker looking, after all the site is based around a zombie that likes to blog.

Another thing I am going to be doing shortly is putting up a page for advertising on the left sidebar. This is prime ad space for all those wanting to get a little attention to their blog considering the location of the ads. The rates are not going to be high to start. Let me know if you are interested in a spot and I will reserve one for you. Just Use the contact form to inquire about pricing and I will be happy to help.

I wish you all the best and will be adding the first part to the tutorial on make money blogging shortly on the sidebar. I hope you enjoy the new theme and till next time… Make money blogging !!

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