Hassle-Free Blog Writing Via Scheduling Your Posts

One of the main concerns many bloggers have experienced is the headache over the posts you should write and publish at certain days or according to certain schedules. Why is that so? Because you should publish on a certain plan. Blog writing and publishing can be a sweet experience if you do it on a hassle-free plan. Here’s how you can get this done:

Allocate Some Weekly Time for Blog Writing

If your content isn’t bound by time, like news stories, you can specify a certain week day and arrange for a hassle-free condition to sit down and write your posts at least for one week ahead of time. For instance, Fridays could be a good time to site down at peaceful place, concentrate on the topics your readers need to read and start writing blog posts for later use, meaning the upcoming week.

It’s not a difficult experience to write a few posts at one go. If you know your blog’s topic well and have a lot to say about it, this can be such a sweet experience for you. You don’t need to come up with brand new ideas and discoveries to start writing. You can write content about what others write as well, but from your own perspective.

Proofread Your Blog Posts before Publishing

The most important goal is to write the posts for the coming week, not the grammar and such issues. So, at a later time, you can ask one of your colleagues, etc to proofread your posts and edit them for you. Some people do this themselves. While I don’t disagree with this method, I would only suggest it to be done at a later time.

If you begin to proofread your own content right after you finish writing it, your mind is so much drowned in what you’ve written and how you’ve noted it down that you cannot easily do this job. So, you can come back to the content you’ve just created another day or just before publishing any one of them. I would say the best practice will be to proofread and edit them all at another sitting before you take the next stage.

Schedule the Posts You’ve Written

If you use WordPress like I do, you should have definitely seen the schedule button when you are adding a new post. This is such a hassle-free function that has helped bloggers feel relaxed. You can decide which day and even at what hour and minute you want each post to be published.

This fantastic feature helps you write and schedule your posts to be published even when you’re on a vacation or business trip. All you have to do is to use this button and have one stress-free week ahead of you. Then, instead of worrying about which day you should publish a post and what to publish, you can just focus on other aspects of your business like networking with others, commenting on other blogs, providing services for your clients, etc.

ThaCash.com Blog Content Review

After a couple of blog content reviews based around very popular blogs, I thought I would move onto one that is trying to become established. While it is hard to say where ThaCash.com will go from here, I figured I would review the content that has been posted thus far. Although the blog does not offer information on the owner, such as a name, this will not affect the review in the slightest. After all, we are looking at the content, right?


After reading over a few posts at ThaCash.com, there is one thing that I can say about its readability: it is on again off again. Some of the posts are well written, and others are lacking in areas such as grammar and sentence structure. This makes me wonder if there is more than one author on this blog? The posts that are readable offer some solid information, and were easy to get through. That being said, others, such as “This one is going to be real big” are difficult to read. Although the aforementioned is a short post, it was hard to move through without being thrown off by the poor structure and flow.


Just like the readability, the quality of ThaCash.com varies quite a bit as well. I found the most recent post “How about your Page Rank?” to offer some quality information. This is a hot topic of discussion in the blogosphere, and the author cashed in right away. But once again, if you go back a few weeks in the archives you will find some posts that are only a few sentences long and do not really offer quality information.


One thing is for sure: the author of ThaCash.com does not like long blog posts. Even the longest posts as of late are only 250 words at the most. And while there is nothing wrong with short posts, it can be difficult to add a lot of quality in only a few words. Many of the posts do not even reach 100 words, which as mentioned above, has a negative effect on the overall quality of the blog.


While ThaCash.com focuses broadly on making money online, it covers a wide variety of topics within this niche. For instance, the three most recent posts are on the Google page rank update, how good content brings traffic, and audio and e-books. If ThaCash.com can continue to touch on many different subjects, while also adding depth to each post, the focus is moving in the right direction.


One of the biggest issues that I have with ThaCash.com is the fact that new content is not posted on a regular basis. For instance, as of this writing, the last post was uploaded on July 29. Before that, posts were made on July 26, 24, and 18. Most bloggers who do not add content everyday opt for long posts when the time comes. As noted earlier, this is an area where ThaCash.com struggles. Not only are the posts short, but there are many days between them.

All in all, ThaCash.com has potential from a content point of view. The author needs to work a bit on his grammar and sentence structure. By doing this and staying on track with its current focus, the blog has a chance to move in the right direction. 

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