How to Get Your Niche Blog Ranked within 48 Hours

It is important to get your blog indexed in Google as soon as possible, so that you can get organic traffic for it. It usually takes some time for Google to visit the page, even in case of those submitting their blog to the Webmaster tool. There are, however, some ways to get the niche blog ranked within 48 hours instead of several weeks.

Getting Links

If you want your blog to rank high within a short span of time, you must get high quality links. You can get these through forums, joining discussions and sharing posts offering a link to your blog. You can also try to write some guest posts on blogs that are already ranking high in the search pages. However, don’t spam your posts with too many links and be sure to share something relevant in online discussions. If Google finds too many links in your comments, you will be penalized and your blog will be hidden from the results. So know your dos and don’ts to rank your niche blog within 48 hours!

Use Social Media Sites

Use the same username that you used in your blog URL and have an account in any of the social media sites. Search engines are quick to index such sites. This will also create a good brand image for your blog. You can customize the blog in such a way that as soon as you publish an article on your blog, it gets posted to your Facebook fan pages automatically. This will result in an increase in traffic and fans also get the information that your article is published. This helps build social signals that search engines recognize and increase the ranking of your blog.

Blog Theme

Make changes and edits to your blog theme so that it looks attractive. You can do this by using different blog styles and functions and changing the blog theme CSS. However, be careful not to misplace any code, as it can only result in making your blog show a blank page. Try using a premium theme as it will help you avoid malicious codes and links. Use a genesis theme, as it is worth the money you pay for it. These are designed specifically with SEO in mind. Using these themes can help increase ranking of your blog within a short time. Use a theme that is optimized for SEO.

Rearranging Layout

Create your blog in such a manner that it is easily navigable. This is beneficial for ranking as well as for your readers. Googlebot loves sites that can be easily loaded and navigated. When Googlebot crawls through any site, it checks out whether it is easy to navigate the site. You can do this by using a visible navigation bar, such as previous or next post or related post and so on to help your blog rank.

Creating an External Blog using Blogger or Blogspot

It has been noticed that Google indexes Blogspot blogs much faster. Using this information, you can create a new blog with the service from Google, with one that is connected to your niche and then write some posts on it and link it to your blog in your posts on the external blog. This will result in quicker indexing of the blogger blog and, in turn, finding the link to your website or blog.

Using the above tips can help your niche blog rank high in just 48 hours! Why not give it a try if you are serious about getting your blog ranked quickly?

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